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flight attendants in the 70s

ph source: shimshimak, style rookie

tea cups (and some other things too)

Hey guys. Just felt a need to show you this beautiful porcelain which I got by a friend. I drink 2-6 cups of tea daily so I got quite a lot tea cups, but this definitely my new favorite. Thank you darling.

Also - some new novelties from Amsterdam! I had another giraffe and washitape, but I gave them away to the girl I got the tea cup from haha.

I bought nearly all of these items in a wonderful shop called Kitch Kitchen, which I'll probably blog a bit more about tomorrow when I upload the rest of the Amsterdam-pictures.
But for now - goodnight!

creatures of the wind f/w -12




ph: vogue
No but seriously though. Isn't this pretty much the best prêt-à-porter-collection EVEER?? I didn't really know that much about Creatures of the Wind before, but now I just adore it.

ph: style rookie
I guess what really makes it so great in my eyes is the fact that there's just so many materials, colours and patterns together in a mix, while it still turns out strangely sophisticated. The only thing in the collection that makes me cringe is the skirt in red leather (probably because of my hate for long leather jackets and red leather sofas), the rest is just perfect. I mean, do you see that shirt with different types of check patterns?

What do you say guys? Is it a hit?

clothes that makes you surprised (outfit post!)

I took a little second hand-shop trip last saturday with a friend, and got myself these clothes.

The coat/dress is actually one piece! I though it was just a coat when I bought it, but then a noticed that the shoulder pads looked strange, which made me see that there was also a built-in dress haha. Think I'll sew the dress away however. Even if it LOOKS good, I think it will become kind of awkward if I come to an place where im expected to take my coat away haha.

I also wore the blouse this wednesday.

graduation day!!

style icon: Kim Macafee in ''Bye Bye Birdie'' (1963)

Decided to make a little style-post about my favorite musical of all time - Bye Bye Birdie. The story revolves around a girl named Kim Macafee, who happens to get the great opportunity of kissing the teenage idol Birdie before he gets drafted.

The movie is not only interesting and fun on it's own, it also has some real inspiration-thingie going on with all the pretty blouses and skirts in all pretty colours of the colour scheme (also - do you see that MINT BLUE telephone?). Here's some clothes that can make anyone fit into this lovely 60s musical.

skirts - modcloth red blouse - beyond retrowhite dress - zara
belt - beyond retro yellow dress - modcloth blue blouse - modcloth

saturday inspiration

ph: the sweets are from Marie Antoinette (2006),
the dress is from Chanel (obviously, duh)
and the girl in a bikini is from Lolita (1962).

gröna lund

Air balloons (there were quite a lot of them) and the ''fun house''.

My favorite thing ever. I always feel like I'm flying on this thing, and it's decorated with these wonderful pastel colours and paintings, which basically makes it look like candy. I really can't explain how I feel about it without sounding cheesy, so i'll just end it there.


I was bored, so I worked a bit with the design. What do you think?

ps. the picture's a lieee.

the summer vacation is HERE!!

Which means I'll be nearly free from everything in TWO WHOLE MONTHS. This will give me soo much time to do the stuff I want to do, but haven't got time to do during the semesters (photographing, writing, dressing up for real, blogging, reading, not studying). Basically, I got a reason to be happy.

Also, I'll get a really good start on this vacation, since I'm going to Gröna Lund (an amusement park in Stockholm) in a couple of hours with some friends. I won't come home until about 1 AM tonight, and it will be AWESOME.

current obsession: the shangri-las

I'm a fan of 60s music, and I just feel like I have to write a bit about the probably most astonishing girl group ever - the Shangri-Las!

As previously stated, they were a girl group who was active in the 60s with four members (even if one didn't tour because of her high school pregnancy). Basically, they produced these great, humerous and sad songs which really never grows old. And you know what? THEY'RE AMAZZZZIINNG.

Leader Of The Pack is their most famous song, and this is the live version of it. Besides, DO YOU GUYS SEE MARY'S HAIR? It's probably full of secrets (yess, I'm forever quoting Mean Girls)!!!

My personal favorite, Out In The Street.

Give Him A Great Big Kiss is also reaaally good, and all four members are in it SO YEAH. AMAZING STUFF HERE TOO.


denim jacket - episode (amsterdam)
blouse - vintage
skirt - monki

day 1 (amsterdam)















same but different

Hi dudes/dudettes! As I said I came home yesterday, but I haven't had time to edit them yet. You expect a new post when I come home later this noon.

Felicia Ubbesen. 15. Nyköping/Sweden.


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