by the way

guess who got tickets to lady gaga in august?



no school for two days = country house time with this girl. not that I'm complaining. it's lovely out here, believe my words.

deathly obsession

ph: unknown, sorry


oh ma cheesus. please let this be in stock when I have some money to pay it with. it's sold at asos, but don't you dare to buy it.


bought this magazine today. haven't read it yet, but it seems to have loads of interesting articles, interviews and editorials. also - the cover is fab.

something good can work (twelves remix)

two door cinema club, ladies and gentlemen.

collar of yesterday

just a little glimpse of yesterdays outfit.

their hearts were full of spring

ph: Chrissie White for Rookie Magazine.

basically, i'm dead

peers, if you had a idea of how tiring the last days have been you would have been sending me whole truckloads full of nutella by now.

let's just say that I have to stop being such a lazy procrastinator when it comes to essays and tests, ok?

but on the other hand, i'm done with all that for now. makes me feel a bit like this:


my desk at the moment.

ps. yes, that's a spice jar. it was the only thing I had, ok?

pastel tea

ph: Frida Ramstedt

I learned the truth at seventeen, that love was meant for beauty queens

found this song just the other day... beautiful. janis ian is such an amazing singer.

''their small-town eyes will gape at you
in dull surprise when payment due
exceeds accounts received at seventeen''

couture ladies

a beautiful bra and a snap from the movie Coco Avant Chanel.


ph: unknown
a pretty girl, a pretty dress and my new best friend.


monotonous. after all, it is monday.


bought new sunglasses when shopping with my friends yesterday! love' em. price? about 6 euro. cheap stuff = good stuff.

strawberry and rose

Lovely paintings by Pierre-Joseph Redoute.


ph: unknown. because tumblr.

flowerbomb by viktor & rolf

I've been longing for a perfume which is both sweet and have that undertone of luxery (nothing is more dire than when people overdose on their cheap, sweet so-called perfume), and I think i've finally found it. quite expensive, but it'll be perfect for birthday-present.


''Fashion is superficial. You have to accept this fact if you become a designer.'' - Karl Lagerfeld

past is just past

“the past that makes you
cry will make you grow

the loneliness that makes
you cry will make you strong

do not regret your past

do not forget your past

past is just past

anyway it does not exist

it can not exist

it will remain in you

but it can not rule you

as it is only memories

since you already have a different world,

you should be the person in that world.„

nothing else”

- Daul Kim


ps. don't worry, i'm sleeping.

ps 2.  actually I woke up at 06.30. didn't see that coming.


ph source: 1, 2
god yes.

hi there

Haven't blogged lately, since this basically is the most interesting thing that've happened. #proudnerd

white bag

Bought two bags while shopping at that thrift store too, and here's the first one. Think it'll be quite interesting to try it out with some outfits...


School starts tomorrow, but I still feel great. Got so many ideas running through my head right now, and I can't wait to make them real. Hope this feeling stays for long.

fashion @ a freakshow

ph: Reed + Rader
These gif:s are just so lovely! Had a hard time choosing which one I should blog about, see the rest of them here.

simple beauty

ph: unknown

street snaps: ulyana sergeenko

Oh Ulyana. Is there ever a mistep?

(click for larger photos)

(if you didn't think ''seriously, I know'' after that... I don't like you)

colourful jackets are the best kind of jackets

Bought this jacket today, isn't it just great? The shoulders are quite bold, but I like it.

thrift store-bonanza

Decided to try out a new thrift store today, and oh how many treasures. Have been looking for a desk and a lamp for ages, and suddenly it was just in front of me. Finally I have somewhere to work!

pink dreams

ph: unknown

unexpected street-style

I don't know how I got there, but I got to the facebook-page of a library in Gotherburg just the other night, when I spotted this old man. Though he had such a cool style that I just had to share it. It's always inspiring when pople who isn't ''supposed'' to dress up does so. More oldies who don't want to be put in the background to the people!

industry street

I walk past this street almost daily, and I just can't help to love it. Everyone else seem to hate it though.

Should go there to take som photos with a real camera someday, because I tell you, that street got some real interesting urban art-thing going on.

new fringe

Rocking the short-and-curled-fringe now.

eyeliner matters

by: unknown
Some new technics to try out.

bouchra jarrar

Two favorites from the s/s couture-collection.

diamonds are forever, they're all I need to please me

ph: unknown

old movie

movies: frankenstein, unknown

the girl who fell to earth

ph: Vincent Carafano
model: Marie Hamm
styling: Suzanne Ford Carafano
assistant: Christopher Ford
From the lookbook of Spanish Moss.

best song ever

Jim Rivers - I Go Deep

je t'aime, paris

ph: unknown

lady gaga

Just got the news that mother monster is going to perform on Globen here in Stockholm in August. Will be the first time for me. I'm so glad that I don't even know what to say. Worship mother monster!

Ashish A/W -12

ph: Kris Atomic
Normally I prefer elegancy, but oh my god YES.


Just wanted to show you my new Moomin-mug.

I've always liked the character Mårran (eng: Groke). I adore the idea of a creature who's supposed to be the coldness herself, but really just long for love and warthm. It seems so out of place in a childhood story. The contrasts are just lovely.


Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.

- Lady GaGa


source: unknown

home is just a word

Oh, how I wish this could be a real movie.

Photographer: Petra Collins    Model: Eva
Styling: Madelyn Beckles
Mag: Rookie


ulyana sergeenko S/S -12

I don't know how many times I've mentioned it, but Ulyana Sergeenko has to be the greatest couture designer of our time. She might not be that big outside Russia yet, but believe my words when I say that she will be.

space oddity

ph: unknown

baby went to amsterdam, she put a little money into travelling

ph: Jorge Zapico
I am probably sitting on a plane to Amsterdam in a month or so. Feels good. Refreshing.

Peter Björn & John - Amsterdam


yesterdays outfit. looks kind of like a secretary without the jacket, but I like it.

birgitte bardot

Birgitte Bardot. As a heterosexual female, I have to say she's totally sex.


Decided to delete everything on this blog and start over. In english. Must be mad.

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