wednesday's outfit

... with my new blouse!

new haircolour!

I was bored, so I went and bough some red haircolour last saturday haha. I like it!

marie antoinette in her garden

I wrote an essay about Marie Antoinette about a week ago, which of course meant I got a reason to watch the movie ''Marie Antoinette'' by Sofia Coppola again... and again.

For the full clip, click here (embedding forbidden).

There is this one clip in the movie which I get mesmerized by every time I watch - the garden scene.
It takes place in Marie Antoinette's ''little village''; Hameau de la Reine and in the garden of Petit Trianon. Let's just look at some pictures!


Ahhh.... so wonderful. Think I'll do another post about my 2nd best scene soon too.
Au revoir!

my favorite movie right now

- how did they ever make a movie about Lolita?


Can you guess whose birthday it is today? WELL MINE OF COURSE! Happy birthday to me etc. etc.

grimes - oblivion

whimsical and wonderful

photographing: Eleanor Hartwick
styling: Nao Koyabu
model: Sophie Dillon
hair & make up: Jun Hayatsu
art direction: Takafumi Matsushita
SwanSea Magazine Japan


I got a Flickr now! I'm still just a rookie when it comes to photographing so there's many mistakes, but I still got some pictures there which I'm sort of satisfied with.


hey dudes/dudettes

Just want to say thank you for all the nice comments I've gotten the last few days. I really appreciate it. <3

Also, I will update more frequently and even in about a month or so (=SUMMER VACATION!!). I'm too caught up with the final studying-spurt right now.

jenny packham f/w -12

ph: New York Magazine

With a collection based on the film noir-genre of the 40s, and with jazz flowing out of the speakers during the runway show, Jenny Packham sure has captured my heart.


Ate dinner with my mum at an Indian restaurant (haven't eaten that before haha). I took some spicy lamb stew with lemon flavor and rice. Soo good.


ph: Parachutgirl@Flickr


Just your everyday regular vintage-&#8217;80s Madonna. Drinking something(?) from a straw.
Madonna - the vintage version. Wasn't her style just soo amazing in the 80s?

a swedish love story

Gif:s Amour
I watched ''A Swedish Love Story'' (Swedish title: En kärlekshistoria) for the first time yesterday, and it was just ADORABLE. Honestly now, I understand why it's so famous. It really is beautiful.

because japanese electropop is the best electropop

Perfume - Fake It & Night Flight

sugar sugar

ph: unknown


what is beauty?

round glasses


I just need to buy a pair of round John Lennon-kind of glasses!

Have been wanting a pair the whole winter, but now it's nearly summer so I finally have a reason to haha. I know that they're selling (will sell?) them on H&M, but I have doubts on the quality (and size) of those so I think I'll try to get a pair of vintage glasses instead...

saturday night, watching the stars

HAUTE MUSE Valerie van der Graaf in Miss Haute by Kate Bellm. Kimi O'Neill, Spring 2012,, Image Amplified (1)
ph: unknown
title: robyn - stars 4-ever

inspiration of today

Today all I want to be is a rebel in some retro, over-romanticized, american high school movie.

Or at least dress like one.

sad circus

Today's outfit.

This is how my desk look like at the moment! It's still not finished (after all, what is a desk without a moodboard?), but I really like it the way it is right now.

And yes, that is a The Sounds poster. Have had their album for ages (I think my brother bough it in the first case), but I noticed just now that it had even more awesomeness within than the CD haha.

(Here's by other desk, by the way)

birgitte bardot

ph: unknown

freak out

haven't really mentioned it before, but I dance street! yesterday was the end of term show, and it was soo fun. I was involved in four dances, one of which was the final dance (to Judas by Lady Gaga!).

when we were done I just went home and slept. woke up twelve hours later even sicker than the day before. but oh, it sure was worth it!


ph: Vogue
With inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor and the Fabergé eggs, Balmain's f/w-collection has atleast stolen my heart. Isn't it just wonderful in every way?

electra heart

Marina and The Diamond's new album got released three days ago, and it's awesooome. And isn't the cover just amaaaazinggg? WHY, YES IT IS!!! OF COOOURSEEE. Is it obvious that I got a fever?

To listen to the album in Spotify, click here.

it's gonna be may

a small collage of beautiful things.

ps. you get extra cool-points if you get the title. ♥

lotta kühlhorn

Lotta Kühlhorn - ekis.jpg
Lotta Kühlhorn - 10.jpg

have absolutely adored Lotta Kühlhorns design ever since I saw some pictures of her office in ELLE Sweden. isn't these prints just wonderful?

valerie and her week of wonder

stills from the weirdest movie ever made.

may have something to do with the fact that I watched it in czech without subtitles though.

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