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I'm sorry for the trouble, but this will be better (promises).

This is how my desk look like at the moment! It's still not finished (after all, what is a desk without a moodboard?), but I really like it the way it is right now.

And yes, that is a The Sounds poster. Have had their album for ages (I think my brother bough it in the first case), but I noticed just now that it had even more awesomeness within than the CD haha.

(Here's by other desk, by the way)

lotta kühlhorn

Lotta Kühlhorn - ekis.jpg
Lotta Kühlhorn - 10.jpg

have absolutely adored Lotta Kühlhorns design ever since I saw some pictures of her office in ELLE Sweden. isn't these prints just wonderful?


my desk at the moment.

ps. yes, that's a spice jar. it was the only thing I had, ok?

pink dreams

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