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tea cups (and some other things too)

Hey guys. Just felt a need to show you this beautiful porcelain which I got by a friend. I drink 2-6 cups of tea daily so I got quite a lot tea cups, but this definitely my new favorite. Thank you darling.

Also - some new novelties from Amsterdam! I had another giraffe and washitape, but I gave them away to the girl I got the tea cup from haha.

I bought nearly all of these items in a wonderful shop called Kitch Kitchen, which I'll probably blog a bit more about tomorrow when I upload the rest of the Amsterdam-pictures.
But for now - goodnight!

graduation day!!

gröna lund

Air balloons (there were quite a lot of them) and the ''fun house''.

My favorite thing ever. I always feel like I'm flying on this thing, and it's decorated with these wonderful pastel colours and paintings, which basically makes it look like candy. I really can't explain how I feel about it without sounding cheesy, so i'll just end it there.

the summer vacation is HERE!!

Which means I'll be nearly free from everything in TWO WHOLE MONTHS. This will give me soo much time to do the stuff I want to do, but haven't got time to do during the semesters (photographing, writing, dressing up for real, blogging, reading, not studying). Basically, I got a reason to be happy.

Also, I'll get a really good start on this vacation, since I'm going to Gröna Lund (an amusement park in Stockholm) in a couple of hours with some friends. I won't come home until about 1 AM tonight, and it will be AWESOME.

day 1 (amsterdam)
















Can you guess where I am right now? I flew to Amsterdam early Friday morning, and now I just woke up. Everything is wonderful here, so prepare for a photobomb when I'll come home again on Monday. I don't have any wi-fi though, so I have to go now before I get broke haha. Vaarwell!

new haircolour!

I was bored, so I went and bough some red haircolour last saturday haha. I like it!


Can you guess whose birthday it is today? WELL MINE OF COURSE! Happy birthday to me etc. etc.

hey dudes/dudettes

Just want to say thank you for all the nice comments I've gotten the last few days. I really appreciate it. <3

Also, I will update more frequently and even in about a month or so (=SUMMER VACATION!!). I'm too caught up with the final studying-spurt right now.


Ate dinner with my mum at an Indian restaurant (haven't eaten that before haha). I took some spicy lamb stew with lemon flavor and rice. Soo good.

freak out

haven't really mentioned it before, but I dance street! yesterday was the end of term show, and it was soo fun. I was involved in four dances, one of which was the final dance (to Judas by Lady Gaga!).

when we were done I just went home and slept. woke up twelve hours later even sicker than the day before. but oh, it sure was worth it!

by the way

guess who got tickets to lady gaga in august?



no school for two days = country house time with this girl. not that I'm complaining. it's lovely out here, believe my words.


bought this magazine today. haven't read it yet, but it seems to have loads of interesting articles, interviews and editorials. also - the cover is fab.

basically, i'm dead

peers, if you had a idea of how tiring the last days have been you would have been sending me whole truckloads full of nutella by now.

let's just say that I have to stop being such a lazy procrastinator when it comes to essays and tests, ok?

but on the other hand, i'm done with all that for now. makes me feel a bit like this:


bought new sunglasses when shopping with my friends yesterday! love' em. price? about 6 euro. cheap stuff = good stuff.

flowerbomb by viktor & rolf

I've been longing for a perfume which is both sweet and have that undertone of luxery (nothing is more dire than when people overdose on their cheap, sweet so-called perfume), and I think i've finally found it. quite expensive, but it'll be perfect for birthday-present.

past is just past

“the past that makes you
cry will make you grow

the loneliness that makes
you cry will make you strong

do not regret your past

do not forget your past

past is just past

anyway it does not exist

it can not exist

it will remain in you

but it can not rule you

as it is only memories

since you already have a different world,

you should be the person in that world.„

nothing else”

- Daul Kim

hi there

Haven't blogged lately, since this basically is the most interesting thing that've happened. #proudnerd

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