marie antoinette in her garden

I wrote an essay about Marie Antoinette about a week ago, which of course meant I got a reason to watch the movie ''Marie Antoinette'' by Sofia Coppola again... and again.

For the full clip, click here (embedding forbidden).

There is this one clip in the movie which I get mesmerized by every time I watch - the garden scene.
It takes place in Marie Antoinette's ''little village''; Hameau de la Reine and in the garden of Petit Trianon. Let's just look at some pictures!


Ahhh.... so wonderful. Think I'll do another post about my 2nd best scene soon too.
Au revoir!

my favorite movie right now

- how did they ever make a movie about Lolita?

a swedish love story

Gif:s Amour
I watched ''A Swedish Love Story'' (Swedish title: En kärlekshistoria) for the first time yesterday, and it was just ADORABLE. Honestly now, I understand why it's so famous. It really is beautiful.

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