current obsession: the shangri-las

I'm a fan of 60s music, and I just feel like I have to write a bit about the probably most astonishing girl group ever - the Shangri-Las!

As previously stated, they were a girl group who was active in the 60s with four members (even if one didn't tour because of her high school pregnancy). Basically, they produced these great, humerous and sad songs which really never grows old. And you know what? THEY'RE AMAZZZZIINNG.

Leader Of The Pack is their most famous song, and this is the live version of it. Besides, DO YOU GUYS SEE MARY'S HAIR? It's probably full of secrets (yess, I'm forever quoting Mean Girls)!!!

My personal favorite, Out In The Street.

Give Him A Great Big Kiss is also reaaally good, and all four members are in it SO YEAH. AMAZING STUFF HERE TOO.

grimes - oblivion

because japanese electropop is the best electropop

Perfume - Fake It & Night Flight

electra heart

Marina and The Diamond's new album got released three days ago, and it's awesooome. And isn't the cover just amaaaazinggg? WHY, YES IT IS!!! OF COOOURSEEE. Is it obvious that I got a fever?

To listen to the album in Spotify, click here.

something good can work (twelves remix)

two door cinema club, ladies and gentlemen.

I learned the truth at seventeen, that love was meant for beauty queens

found this song just the other day... beautiful. janis ian is such an amazing singer.

''their small-town eyes will gape at you
in dull surprise when payment due
exceeds accounts received at seventeen''

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