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flight attendants in the 70s

ph source: shimshimak, style rookie

creatures of the wind f/w -12




ph: vogue
No but seriously though. Isn't this pretty much the best prêt-à-porter-collection EVEER?? I didn't really know that much about Creatures of the Wind before, but now I just adore it.

ph: style rookie
I guess what really makes it so great in my eyes is the fact that there's just so many materials, colours and patterns together in a mix, while it still turns out strangely sophisticated. The only thing in the collection that makes me cringe is the skirt in red leather (probably because of my hate for long leather jackets and red leather sofas), the rest is just perfect. I mean, do you see that shirt with different types of check patterns?

What do you say guys? Is it a hit?

style icon: Kim Macafee in ''Bye Bye Birdie'' (1963)

Decided to make a little style-post about my favorite musical of all time - Bye Bye Birdie. The story revolves around a girl named Kim Macafee, who happens to get the great opportunity of kissing the teenage idol Birdie before he gets drafted.

The movie is not only interesting and fun on it's own, it also has some real inspiration-thingie going on with all the pretty blouses and skirts in all pretty colours of the colour scheme (also - do you see that MINT BLUE telephone?). Here's some clothes that can make anyone fit into this lovely 60s musical.

skirts - modcloth red blouse - beyond retrowhite dress - zara
belt - beyond retro yellow dress - modcloth blue blouse - modcloth

saturday inspiration

ph: the sweets are from Marie Antoinette (2006),
the dress is from Chanel (obviously, duh)
and the girl in a bikini is from Lolita (1962).

jenny packham f/w -12

ph: New York Magazine

With a collection based on the film noir-genre of the 40s, and with jazz flowing out of the speakers during the runway show, Jenny Packham sure has captured my heart.


Just your everyday regular vintage-’80s Madonna. Drinking something(?) from a straw.
Madonna - the vintage version. Wasn't her style just soo amazing in the 80s?

round glasses


I just need to buy a pair of round John Lennon-kind of glasses!

Have been wanting a pair the whole winter, but now it's nearly summer so I finally have a reason to haha. I know that they're selling (will sell?) them on H&M, but I have doubts on the quality (and size) of those so I think I'll try to get a pair of vintage glasses instead...

saturday night, watching the stars

HAUTE MUSE Valerie van der Graaf in Miss Haute by Kate Bellm. Kimi O'Neill, Spring 2012,, Image Amplified (1)
ph: unknown
title: robyn - stars 4-ever

inspiration of today

Today all I want to be is a rebel in some retro, over-romanticized, american high school movie.

Or at least dress like one.


ph: Vogue
With inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor and the Fabergé eggs, Balmain's f/w-collection has atleast stolen my heart. Isn't it just wonderful in every way?

it's gonna be may

a small collage of beautiful things.

ps. you get extra cool-points if you get the title. ♥


oh ma cheesus. please let this be in stock when I have some money to pay it with. it's sold at asos, but don't you dare to buy it.

couture ladies

a beautiful bra and a snap from the movie Coco Avant Chanel.


''Fashion is superficial. You have to accept this fact if you become a designer.'' - Karl Lagerfeld


ps. don't worry, i'm sleeping.

ps 2.  actually I woke up at 06.30. didn't see that coming.


ph source: 1, 2
god yes.

white bag

Bought two bags while shopping at that thrift store too, and here's the first one. Think it'll be quite interesting to try it out with some outfits...

street snaps: ulyana sergeenko

Oh Ulyana. Is there ever a mistep?

(click for larger photos)

(if you didn't think ''seriously, I know'' after that... I don't like you)

colourful jackets are the best kind of jackets

Bought this jacket today, isn't it just great? The shoulders are quite bold, but I like it.

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